10/05/2012 10:45 BST | Updated 10/05/2012 11:28 BST

Rapper Eminem 'Covers Windows With Tin Foil To Avoid Insomnia'

With him being a world famous rapper and singer, you’d expect Eminem’s A-list demands to be pretty impressive.

However, forget the room of fluffy puppies and champagne fountains – all Eminem wants is a roll of tin foil so he can get a good night’s sleep.

According to The Sun, the 39-year-old hip-hop star suffers from insomnia, so when he travels, he comes packed with plenty of the silver stuff which he allegedly uses to cover up any sunlight from the windows in his bedroom.

"The noise and darkness gets Eminem the best night's sleep," a source told the newspaper. "He uses the technique as he's always jumping time-zones."

Eminem has previously spoken about his insomnia struggles, in particular straight after Michael Jackson’s death – another celebrity who suffered from sleep problems.

“When you read things about Michael Jackson it’s hard to decipher what is true, but there’s the story of how he woke up at whatever time and he needed something to go back to sleep because he had this or that and it didn’t work,” Eminem said, according to The Rehab Journal.

That’s exactly what used to happen to me. I would take a couple of pills and I would be up an hour later and I’d want more. Then I’d take more and that would be enough to maybe get me back to sleep for two more hours. Then I’d be wide awake again. So I definitely can relate.”

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And it looks like Eminem isn’t the only singer to suffer from problems sleeping. Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose allegedly asked for his penthouse to be blacked out so he could get a decent night’s rest.

"When he was escorted upstairs, he asked that the floor-to-ceiling windows in his penthouse be completely blacked out, so he could sleep better," a source said, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

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