26/02/2013 10:30 GMT | Updated 26/02/2013 11:11 GMT

Edwina Currie Says Tory MP Pinched Her As They Waited To Vote

Former Conservative Minister Edwina Currie has named a one-time MP who pinched her bottom in the House of Commons.

Currie said the culprit had been former Scottish Tory MP Nicholas Fairbairn.

She was speaking on BBC Radio 5 about the sexual harassment claims that have been made against senior Liberal Democrat Lord Rennard.

The allegations have been strongly denied by the former Lib Dem Chief Executive.

"If anyone had ever tried it they would have gone away feeling physical pain," she said.

Currie said she had once been 'goosed', which means having her bottom pinched.

"Somebody once 'goosed' me while we were waiting to vote," she said.

Asked who had done it, she replied: "Nicky Fairbairn.

"I can say it, he's now died."

Former Tory MP Sir Nicholas Fairbairn died in 1995.

Currie added: "He was a brilliant man, very funny..but wandering hands.

"I had high heels on, I simply stepped back onto his foot, and since they were at that point calling the vote, there was nothing he could do except keep his screams to himself."

Currie, whose affair with John Major was described by the former Prime Minister as the most shameful event in his life, said she had been confident enough to bat away unwanted advances.

But it would be more difficult for a more shy person faced with "a horrible old geezer" she added.