Alex Salmond Attacks David Cameron And Ed Miliband In Interview On Independence And The EU

Scottish first minister, Alex Salmond, has given an impassioned interview in which he attacks... well everyone really.

He cuts David Cameron no slack, accusing him of bending over backwards to the will of Ukip and Tory backbenchers over the proposed EU referendum.

Speaking to the New Statesman he says: "He’s done this in order to appease Nigel Farage!

Alex Salmond has come out fighting

"You can never out swivel-eye the swivel-eyed."

He is firm in his position on the issue: "You don’t hold a referendum unless you support the policy.

"Our policy is to remain part of Europe."

The much derided 'bedroom tax' also gets a hammering with Salmond claiming it could have "the same galvanising effect as the poll tax".

Across the Commons, the SNP leader says Ed Miliband and Labour are still blamed for the state of the country's economy.

He says: "What Miliband had to do was separate himself totally from the people who could be given central responsibility."

Salmond has been under pressure since the impending vote on Scottish independence became a reality with many accusing him and his party of not thinking the realities through thoroughly.

Issues such as the EU, security, Trident and national debt are still far from resolved should the Scottish people vote for independence in September.

The full interview will be available in Thursday's New Statesman.

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