Rupert Murdoch Asks Twitter To 'Ignore' Promise To Expose Google

Rupert Murdoch Wants You To Ignore This
News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)
News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

Rupert Murdoch made a bold promise to "expose" Google and its executive chairman Eric Schmidt on Twitter before suddenly asking his followers to "ignore" his previous message.

The News Corporation boss, who previously accused the search engine of "stealing" news content from publishers, wrote "just wait!" in response to a request to "expose" Google and Eric Schmidt.

The media mogul has been majorly hostile towards Google in the past, branding them "parasites," "content kleptomaniacs," "vampires" and "tech tapeworms in the intestines of the Internets".

Murdoch later seemed to suddenly backtrack on his promise to "expose" Google, written just before midnight, as he told followers a few hours later: "Oops! Better ignore that last tweet."

Murdoch's sudden announcement of his intentions to "expose" Google and Eric Schmidt came after being tweeted by the user "@KKXG", who asked "Professor Murdoch! Please expose Eric Schmidt, Al Gore & Google. They share copies of material objects without any permission."

The Huffington Post UK contacted Google for a response to the media mogul's late-night pledge to "expose" them on Twitter, but they declined to respond.

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