Andrew Mithcell, Police And IPCC All Spar Over Plebgate Blame

Forget the US government deadlock, the really exciting political stalemate concerns the never-ending back and forth blame-game concerning the bicycle-based shenanigans of Plebgate.

Former Conservative chief whip Andrew Mitchell said he and his family have "waited in vain" for three police officers accused of trying to discredit him to be held to account.

The force in charge of the police officers say they have no case to answer to.

The whole thing is enough to make you swear

And now the IPCC says they should be investigated in order to establish if they gave false accounts of events.

But they can't take any action because Mitchell has not made a formal complaint.

The force in charge of the police officers say they have no case to answer to...... and on it goes.

In a statement released after the IPCC published its findings, Mr Mitchell said: "It is a matter of deep concern that the police forces employing these officers have concluded that their conduct has not brought the police service into disrepute. Most people will disagree.

"It is a decision which will undermine confidence in the ability of the police to investigate misconduct when the reputation of the police service as a whole is at stake.

"My family and I have waited nearly a year for these police officers to be held to account and for an apology from the Police Forces involved. It seems we have waited in vain."

Maybe you should make a complaint then, eh?

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