21/10/2013 05:53 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Alligator Strolls Up To Florida Walmart, Freaks Everyone Out (VIDEO)

The animal kingdom is infiltrating our world. Well, trying to.

Following the appearance of a rogue kangaroo at a pharmacy in Melbourne airport last week, an alligator has made an attempt to go shopping in Walmart.

The six-foot-long beast slithered right up to the doors of the Apopka, Florida store on Sunday morning.

alligator at walmart

Just chillin': A six foot alligator at the doors of the Apopka Walmart

Apparently undecided, he stayed there for some time, loitering in the doorway as a small crowd gathered around him.

Eventually, staff locked the automatic doors of the store to prevent him from getting in.


Customer Robin Watkins told WKMG Local 6 (from the safety of her car): “It was a nice sized ‘gator, just chillin’.”

Staff called police and a trapper was summed – but not before the alligator took matters into his own claws and scuttled off into the undergrowth.

alligator at walmart

Rumbled: The beast surveys his audience

Watkins added: “It was neat to see but I’m glad they locked the doors because I had my child with me.”

Fish and wildlife officers were expected to search for the animal on Sunday to determine if it needs to be relocated, WFTV reports.

alligator at walmart

Speedy exit: The beast slithered into the swamp before a trapper could arrive