Stirling University Hockey Team Suspended From Sport For Sexist Chant

Students filmed chanting sexist and offensive songs on a public bus have been suspended from representing their university, it has been confirmed.

Members from Stirling University's hockey team were investigated after the video, which has now received over 108,000 views, was uploaded onto YouTube. The shocking footage, dubbed 'Busgate', has provoked heavy criticism, due to chants including:

"A lady came into the store one day, asking for a German method of coal extraction.. A German method of coal extraction she wanted.. Mein shaft she got."

Despite females on the bus verbally protesting the song and claiming to find the chants "quite scary", the team continued:

"A lady came into the store one day asking for a lady train. A lady train she wanted.. A miscarriage she got."

Stirling University has responded to the "threatening and aggressive" behaviour with a statement reiterating the university's policy, The Tab reported.

Chief Operating Officer Eileen Schofield said: “The university takes incidents of this nature very seriously. Where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.”

A letter has since been sent out to 11,000 students at the institution, whilst all sports teams will have anti-sexism training to prevent similar incidents occurring.

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Deputy Principle John Gardner also commented on the incident, branding the act "completely unacceptable."

"A full investigation was conducted this week by the Students' Union and upon receipt of their report I will take appropriate institutional action," he told STV news.

The university is currently working with bus operators Firstgroup Scotland to help identify the students involved, but it is not yet known if the hockey team is to be permanently banned from representing the institution.

The ban comes a week after the video was first uploaded to YouTube and the backlash featured in national news across the UK, sparking a larger debate about 'lad culture'.

In a blog for HuffPost UK, Stirling University student Liam Beattie wrote: "To some of my fellow 'lads' of Britain I make this simple call to you - don't pretend that making sexist chants on a bus can be passed off as a "bit of a laugh". And no, I don't have a badge on my lapel titled, "Political Correctness Police" - but if you want to strut about like peacocks showing off who's got the largest set of feathers then don't do it in public for the world to see your idiotic behaviour."

He added: "The social aspect of the student experience is very much dominated by the alpha-male sporting teams, whether that be in the Student Union or in the local bars.

"During my time, there were many occasions where similar chanting would take place by groups such as the hockey team and this would simply be brushed aside as lads having some "banter". Of course Stirling is not alone in this type of behaviour; however the focus on sport does allow this culture to imbed itself within the student community."

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