21/11/2013 12:43 GMT | Updated 22/11/2013 11:46 GMT

Nick Clegg Follows Bisexual Escort, Vince Cable Parody On Twitter

Britain's coalition government's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, speaks to the media during a press conference in London, Wednesday, July, 31, 2013. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, Pool)

Nick Clegg has been caught up in his own saucy Twitter scandal after it was discovered that David Cameron's Twitter account had been following a high-class escort agency.

The Huffington Post UK has found that the Lib Dem leader's Twitter account (@Nick_Clegg) has been following at least three rather unusual accounts, "18 year-old bisexual escort" Chloe Coquette, a "busty" model, and a parody account of his Lib Dem colleague Vince Cable.

"Come and have some fun with me today!" says the glamour model

Chloe is not the only escort to be followed by the account. Clegg's account, which follows nearly 29,000 users, is also following the latest tweets from model "Busty Dors Feline".

Ooh la la...

Clegg's account also gets the latest tweets from "Vince Cobble", the really obvious anti-coalition parody of Lib Dem business secretary Vince Cable, who is labelled a "Mad Axeman".

The unusual followers may have shed an odd light on the Twitter interests of Team Clegg, or just be a tech glitch. The fact that Clegg's Twitter account has nearly 140,000 followers suggests it doesn't follow an automatic 'follow back' policy for any of the 29,000 being followed.

At very least, it shows Cameron isn't the only politician to have problems following the right people on Twitter.