Ukip's Nigel's Farage Threatens To Intrude On TV Election Debates By Live Streaming Alternative (POLL)

Nigel Farage is planning to circumvent the three main parties should they choose to exclude him from the televised debates leading up to the next election.

Speaking to Total Politics magazine, the Ukip leader reiterated his wish to be given a podium next to the other leaders ahead of the next election even though David Cameron, who has yet to agree to participate in the format, has been vocal in his desire to keep the contest between those with a reasonable chance of becoming Prime Minister.

Yet Farage remains defiant, despite his party boasting not a single MP in parliament (Ukip does continue to poll higher than the Liberal Democrats), with the charismatic front man threatening to derail the debates by staging some “fun” alternatives.

"If Ukip has good cause to think that it should be in the TV debates and it's excluded, we will provide an alternative form of entertainment on the evening," he told the publication. "I'm working on some ideas. The Internet is quite big these days.... you could live stream. There are one or two technical things we are working about and thinking about.

"It would be quite fun wouldn't it? People would have their TVs and their laptops next to it. They might think they can exclude us but modern technology has such a power. To be honest, if it wasn't for the Internet we wouldn't be here. YouTube and Facebook and all of this has helped us to reach an audience we would not have reached."

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Farage said he would not rule out working with Cameron in future - but only in the same way he could not rule out risking life and limb jumping out of a high window if a room was on fire. "I'd have thought David Cameron would rather go to his political grave rather than ever contemplate doing a deal with the ghastly UKIP - that's my judgment, I could be wrong," he added.

He also conceded that he had in the past allowed the party to "look a bit like the rugby club on a day out" but that there had been an "astonishing" increase in the number of women now involved, who now dominated candidate lists for the European elections.

"We still have a preponderance of male over female voters, but it's nothing like the gulf that it was and I think get some of these women elected and into senior positions in the party and I think that image will change - and none of it done with an ounce of positive discrimination," he said.

He added that he relished outspoken attacks on him by other parties - such veteran Tory minister Ken Clarke's dismissal of his party as "clowns".

"Keep it coming, be as rude as you can, because actually, out there, people still have a tremendous sense of fair play in this country... and people see through it. I think much of the abuse has helped us, I think the 'clowns' comment was worth a couple of per cent, I really do." It was an "outrage", he added, that no-one in Ukip had been offered a peerage.

"Cameron blathers on about wanting a House of Lords that represents the way people in this country vote, well crikey O'Reilly, we've been offered nothing."

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