Cannabis Raid Sees Greater Manchester Police Leave Friendly Note Asking Homeowner To Get In Touch

'We Need To Talk': Police Leave Chipper Note After Cannabis Raid

When nobody was home at a suspected drug den, police kicked in the door, confiscated a crop of cannabis plants and left a friendly little note for the homeowner to find upon return.

The very polite message informed the occupant of the property in Worsley, Salford, that they had "no cannabis left" after 72 plants were discovered and swiftly removed by officers.

Greater Manchester Police added "unfortunately you were not at home", and that they and the occupant "need to talk."

It’s not yet known whether the homeowner has replied.

Another example of excellent police Twitter use came from West Midlands Police last year, when prosecutors demanded a witness statement from "PC Peach". A police dog.

The police dog's handlers willingly obliged...

Other police gems include:

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