Missing MH370 Searchers Hope To Find Wreckage Soon After Detecting Two New Signals (VIDEO)

Authorities searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight have said they hope to find it "in the not too distant future" after two new sets of signals consistent with black box beacons were detected in the Indian Ocean.

These were detected on Tuesday afternoon by a ship-towed 'pinger' and each lasted for several minutes. They were around 20 miles apart west of Australia, the country's Joint Agency Coordination Centre said.

The signals were consistent with the flight data recorders, search co-ordinator Angus Houston said.

They follow two other signals that were picked up at the weekend.

Mr Houston added he hoped the plane, which had 239 passengers on board and has been missing for 33 days, could now be found "in the not too distant future".

According to The Telegraph, he told a press conference: "Hopefully in a matter of days we will be able to find something at the bottom that might confirm this is the last resting place of MH370. We don’t get certainty until we have a visual sighting.”

An unmanned submarine will search the area to narrow down where the plane could be.

Search co-ordinator Angus Houston said MH370 should be found "in the not too distant future"

Mr Houston said the latest set of signals gave them "a much more manageable search area".

"I believe we are searching in the right area but we need to visually identify aircraft wreckage before we can confirm with certainty that this is the final resting place of MH370," he added.

He continued: "There is a lot of silt down there – that could complicate the search. The silt at the bottom of the ocean can be very difficult and things disappear into it.”

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