06/05/2014 10:31 BST | Updated 06/05/2014 10:59 BST

Bus Pass Elvis Candidate Lord Biro Steps Up To Stand In Newark By-Election Seat

Bus Pass Elvis candidate Lord Biro has announced he intends to stand in the Newark by-election - stepping up to bid for the very seat Nigel Farage rejected.

Serial election candidate Lord Biro, real name Dave Bishop, recently stood for the Bus Pass Elvis party at the Clifton North by-election – impressively beating the Liberal Democrat candidate to fourth place.

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But Bishop has revealed he doesn't expect to repeat his success in the Newark by-election acknowledging it would be "pretty bad" for the Lib Dems if they lost to him again.

"I've got the money sorted for a deposit - I just need to be able to get to Newark so I can sort my nomination forms out," he told the Nottingham Post.

"I was on the Market Place this Saturday and there was a good half dozen people who said they would back me which was kind of them."

Lord Biro is a familiar face for Nottingham City elections. His manifesto promises to "legalise brothels with a 30% reduction for OAPs."

He has also called for an inquiry in British Vet Fees, a ban on air guns and a campaign to "save public lavatories from extinction."


The manifesto adds: "Nigel Farage recently said he would like to see a relaxation of the rules on Hand Gun ownership. Our candidate hopes he and his party never come into power as Nottingham will be worse than Dodge City.

"If they do come into power our candidate will write to Clint Eastwood and ask him to be the Deputy Sheriff of Nottingham."

The by-election is being held after the resignation of disgraced former Tory minister Patrick Mercer, who quit the last June after a BBC Panorama programme alleged he broke lobbying rules.

Mercer admitted he was "ashamed" and had many regrets as he announced his intention to stand down as the MP for Newark after facing a six month ban from parliament.

The battle for the Nottinghamshire seat will come after next month's European Parliament elections in which Conservatives are expected to be forced into a humiliating third place and will be an unwelcome fight for David Cameron.

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