09/05/2014 07:58 BST | Updated 11/05/2014 04:59 BST

Eurovision? I Hate It And Its Prejudice Against Britain, Says Nigel Farage

Ragnar Singsaas via Getty Images
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - MAY 07: Conchita Wurst of Austria performs during a dress rehearsal the day before the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 7, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images)

Nigel Farage has held up Britain's inevitable dismal failure at the Eurovision song contest as an example of how other European countries are biased against the UK.

Asked on LBC Radio this morning whether he liked the competition due to take place this weekend, the Ukip leader gave it nil points: "I absolutely hate it."

"I must say in the years when Terry Wogan was the compere, it was actually laugh-out-loud stuff, the way that he just mocked and parodied the whole thing," he said.

"But to see the level of prejudice that is now levelled against us at the Eurovision song contest, and then to believe that Mr Cameron is going to go to Brussels and renegotiate a good deal for us, it's really quite funny all round."

On Friday morning Cameron said that the "very unpleasant statements" made by some Ukip candidates and backers during the campaign for the May 22 polls had raised questions about the competence of Farage's party.

"What on Earth are they doing selecting people and allowing people like this to be in their party? It does go to my core point, which is that you have got to, when you think of voting, think about the competence of the people you are going to send to Brussels or Strasbourg, the competence of the people who are going to run your local council. If they can't control what they are saying, that does raise a very big issue of competence," he said.