Watch A Video Of Alex Salmond Blaming The BBC For Ukip Getting Votes In Scotland

WATCH: Alex Salmond Blames The BBC For Ukip Getting Votes In Scotland

Alex Salmond had hoped to "freeze Ukip out of Scotland" in the European elections, however Nigel Farage's anti-EU party managed to pick up one seat in the European parliament. And the SNP first minister was clear who was to blame.

"It's difficult it is to stop a party getting foothold. We've been doing an analysis of BBC broadcasting in Scotland over this month, four times as many broadcasts about Ukip than the SNP," he said.

He told the BBC's election night programme: "Star Trek the Original series used to have a phrase, 'beam me up Scotty', Ukip is a party that gets beamed into Scotland courtesy of the BBC."

A rather hurt sounding host David Dimbleby replied: "All complaints to BBC Glasgow."

Ukip is on course to win its first seat in Scotland in the European Parliament, adding to its UK-wide election success. David Coburn is expected to become one of Scotland's six MEPs, with the SNP and Labour expected to take two seats each, and the final seat going to the Conservatives.


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