Takeaway Addict Underwent Weight Loss Transformation Gaining A Six Pack In 12 Weeks

How Did This Takeaway Addict Get A Six Pack In 12 Weeks?

A self-confessed takeaway addict, who gained weight after gorging on doner kebabs, has transformed his body in just 12 weeks.

Charity marketing co-ordinator Omar Sharif, 22, from Coventry, West Midlands, has said goodbye to his old, overweight self and transformed his flabby XL stomach into a sculpted six pack.

Through sheer determination, he has cut out all processed foods, sugar and most carbohydrates from his diet and goes to the gym seven days a week.

Omar said: "There is no secret, it is just about discipline and hard work. My wife Raadia took picture of my body every week to help my motivation and I cringe looking back on my first week.

"But it is really good as a motivator to make sure I never get back to that size."

Before 14 stone 6lbs Omar tucked in to doner kebabs, calorie-laden pizzas and fish and chips every night. A previous foot injury meant he was out of shape, and unmotivated.

Omar said: "My self-esteem and confidence was at an all time low.

"I was gutted when my family mentioned that I was looking "big" but I knew I had put on weight because none of my normal clothes fitted me any more.

"I didn't want to go out or do anything and I was sick of buying clothes in an XL."

Omar decided to set himself a goal of 12 weeks to get ripped and he researched various diet plans and workout routines on Youtube before he started.

Since completing his diet plan, he has shed two stone in weight and stripped his body fat from a staggering 24.5% to 12.5%.

Omar now eats six small meals a day, made up of vegetables, fruit, lean meat and brown rice.

Omar said: "I don't have "cheat days" instead I just eat well and train hard. The change in my body has been remarkable and all my family and friends are impressed.

Now Omar is beach ready and is proud of his rock-hard six pack and bulging biceps.

Omar said: "Before I struggled to run for even five minutes and my joints would ache, but now I have loads of energy."

He spends at least an hour a day weight training at PureGym and also does high intensity interval training, and through the confidence he has gained by losing weight he hopes to help others fight the flab, through motivational speaking.

Omar said: "I am so pleased that people have been motivated by my journey. I really want to help show other overweight people that it can be done."

"It is important to have a good support network around you and my wife's support has been a huge part of my success.

"I am now fit and beach ready, and for once I am confident when showing off my body. These 12 weeks have been incredibly tough, but so rewarding."