Josie Cunningham: Pregnant Mum Wants NHS Help To Kick 20 Cigarettes A Day Habit

PregnantJosie Cunningham is vowing to kick her heavy smoking habit – with a bit of help from the NHS.

The wannabe glamour model has already had a £4,800 breast enlargement, £1,500 of Botox injections to treat excessive sweating and £2,500 of dental treatment – all funded by NHS.

Josie Cunningham had a £4,800 breast enlargement operation on the NHS

The 23-year-old is expecting her third child in two months time but is still smoking a packet of cigarettes a day.

“I’m just honest about it. I was smoking 40 a day. Now I’ve cut down to 20.

“I’m aware of the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. I’m hoping my doctor will be able to help me get off the fags.

“But the public will probably whinge about funding that as well.”

Josie Cunningham

Josie Cunningham

Earlier this year Cunningham announced her intention to have an abortion to increase her chances of appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, but has since said she will keep the child.

“Cigarettes can restrict the essential oxygen supply to your baby, so their heart has to beat harder every time you smoke.”

It states children whose parents smoke are more likely to suffer from asthma and other more serious illnesses that may need hospital treatment.

It adds: “The sooner you stop smoking, the better. But even if you stop in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, this will benefit you and your baby.”

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