Why You Should Never Try To Fist Bump Or High-Five A Ukip Voter

Why You Should Never Try To Fist Bump Or High-Five A Ukip Voter
Nigel Farage would hate this
Nigel Farage would hate this

Next time you run into a Ukip voter, make sure you greet them with a handshake not a high-five. And don't even dream of trying to give them a fist bump. Unless you really want to really annoy them.

A YouGov poll conducted this week asked people whether they had ever given someone a high-five while at work. Only 18% of Ukip supporters said they had, compared to 79% who said they had not.

Lib Dems were the most keen high-fivers, with 37% having given one to a colleague. Just 30% of Labour backers and 28% of Tories had done the same.

This handshake is awkward, but at least he didn't try and high-five Farage

The survey also showed that the British have an aversion to fist-bumping no matter what political party they support. Only 1% of Ukip voters said they preferred to bump fists than shake hands. The most eager fist bumpers were the Lib Dems, but even then only 4% chose that greeting over the traditional handshake.

One politician known to favour the high-five is Jean-Claude Juncker. The new president of the EU commission caught David Cameron off-guard at the recent EU summit by greeting him with one, either that or he was trying to slap him in the face.

The most famous political fist bumper of course is president Obama. Who's victory greeting with his wife Michelle was infamously dubbed a "terrorist fist jab" by one Fox News presenter.


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