04/08/2014 09:10 BST | Updated 04/08/2014 11:59 BST

#Glasgow2014: The Funniest Tweets About The Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony

The 2014 Commonwealth Games drew to a close on Sunday - so in time-honoured tradition the hosts, Glasgow, were required to pull off a blinder of a party in celebration.

So it was a bit of an odd sight to see this...

It was in fact a tribute to the city's workers, not a reenactment of 3am on a Sunday morning in Glasgow.

Then it was time for the music.

So after a mixed reception for Lulu and Deacon Blue, fevered expectation soon turned to bored bafflement as people pitched a load of tents and settled down to listen to some speeches.

Lots and lots of speeches...

This ever-so-weird video-bombing was widely held to be the highlight of the first half of ceremony.

At this point many were reminded of the opening ceremony which, if remembered rightly, contained much more dog than speech.

Then it was the turn of the Aussies. In 2018, the Commonwealth Games will be held in the invariably sunnier Gold Coast, so it was their turn to impress.

They started off with a singer no one in Britain had ever heard of before - although 'singer' might have been a stretch...

Understandably, the hype for main act, Kylie, grew...

And she was brilliant!

Although some questioned the performance's authenticity.

But some couldn't be more chuffed.

But whatever your opinion, there was no need to worry, help was on hand...

And no matter what, it was always going to turn into a party.

Although some had other plans.