Russell Brand Attacks SNP While Giving Thoughts On Scottish Independence

Russell Brand Really Isn't A Fan Of Alex Salmond

Perhaps swayed by last night's inconclusive debate, comedian and actor Russell Brand has attacked the SNP and insisted an independent Scotland will not represent Scots any better than Westminster.

In his meandering style, Brand appeared to advocate independence initially, saying he favoured "breaking everything down" until we live in "small collectives".

But he added Scots should not be "too excited" about independence and attacked the politicians advocating it, telling his YouTube audience to ignore "useless" Alex Salmond and the SNP.

Brand told his followers we need independence 'from governments not from imaginary nations'

"I like things getting smaller and more devolved - more power for the people," he said.

"Them SNLP or whatever they're called. Don't trust them, they'll be useless, they'll be no good.

"But Scotland getting independent? Good idea, break everything up so that's there's nothing except small collectives."

But Brand did not appear to entirely favour Scottish independence, calling both England and Scotland "imaginary concepts".

"Don't have concepts that make people angry, abandon these concepts," he said in the video.

"Devolve everything until we're all in little collectives and we actually control our own lives and take our power back from corporations and big business.

"I wouldn't imagine the Scottish government, independent or in conjunction with Westminster, are really going to represent you people because, as you know, that's not how politics work.

"Don't get excited about but yeah, have independence if you want, but actually the true independence we need is independence from governments not independence from imaginary nations."


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