07/08/2014 08:05 BST | Updated 07/08/2014 08:59 BST

Russell Brand Says Fox News Need To Have A Little Rethink About 'Their War Against Human Decency'

Sworn enemies Fox News and Russell Brand are at it again, with the British comedian now accusing the hard-right US news channel of "failing to learn some of the most important lessons of history."

Not content with naming and shaming just one Fox News anchor, Brand has stepped up his attack by setting his sights on another of the station's most famous anchors.

russell brand

Following an epic battle with darling of the Tea Party, Sean Hannity, Brand has responded to the latest segment of Bill O'Reilly's Fox show, The O'Reilly Factor, in which the conservative commentator suggests how America can overcome its "immigration problem."

For British readers unfamiliar with O'Reilly, he is commonly referred to as a "champion bloviator" in the American press, most known for decrying the current state of the US and all that has brought the once great nation apparently crashing to its grazed and battered knees.

Continuing "his war against human decency", Brand says, O'Reilly argues that what America is lacking is a Berlin Wall type structure to keep the wrong type of people out of the gold old US of A.


Far from being a triumph of social engineering that needs to be emulated, the comedian says, the Berlin Wall was more of a "symbol of all that's wrong with the world, the epitome of the cold war, a country driven in two - a symbol of conflict, dishonour, disdain and disintegration between the world."

Blasting O'Reilly for his desire to "repeat the horrors of history", Brand suggests that rather than focusing on America's issues with immigration, O'Reilly ought to focus on more pressing issues crippling the country's economy.

"What i'm trying to suggest Bill, and I know it's mad, is rather than studying some of the worst atrocities in history perhaps instead look at excessive corporate wealth and why don't you advocate them lot paying taxes.

"Why not Bill?" he asks. "Is it because Fox who you work for is a massive corporation and you are a conditioned citizen coveting only a message of corporate hegemony and disempowerment of the people?"

"America land of the free? Bill you are a disgrace to your flag," the comedian angrily concluded.

Brand's latest attack on Fox News follows fierce hostilities between him and another of the media giant's conservative attack dogs, Sean Hannity.

Brand made an emotional appeal for Hannity to "return to humanity," after the Fox News anchor said Israel has shown "too much restraint" over the Gaza conflict in an acerbic rant against the British comedian.

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Hannity and Fox news, Brand said, have trivialised one of the "worst conflicts on the planet" that has so far claimed the lives of more than 1,400 Palestinians, mainly children - while Hannity's "vitriol and propaganda" is only exacerbating the crisis.

"To them it is just a game, to them it is just entertainment, that's what I find most difficult," Brand said, in a moving video appeal.

Speaking directly to the camera, Brand gently addresses Hannity directly saying "Sean, you are a human being, come back to humanity. You've lost yourself mate."

Brand initially faced the wrath of the news anchor after blasting his aggressively pro-Israeli stance and making the observation that he looks a Ken doll.