Israel Welcomes American And Canadian Recruits For The IDF

GALI TIBBON via Getty Images

Not only financed by Washington, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is being bolstered by American and Canadian recruits, with these pictures showing hundreds of young Jewish men and women from North America landing in Tel Aviv to make Aliyah – an emigration to the homeland with an ancient history.

Despite the conflict in Gaza, violence that has seen more than 1,900 Palestinians perish, along with 67 Israelis, many of those who landed on board the chartered flight on Tuesday are ready to serve in the IDF, with all new citizens of Israel, including women, required to do a year’s military service.

Israel welcomes new citizens from around the world, including Britain. Earlier this month, HuffPost interviewed British graduates Eytan Halon and Darren Cohen, both who were travelling to Israel with the intention of serving in the military.

Making Aliyah

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