Islamic State Has Invaded US Mainland Via Mexican Border, According To Fox News Pundit

NEW YORK -- Grab your muskets, America - the black-cowled hordes of the Islamic State (IS) have invaded mainland US. At least that’s the assertion put forward by one Fox News pundit, who appeared on the supposedly lighthearted breakfast magazine Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning.

Dennis Michael Lynch, a conservative filmmaker, whose past fare includes They Come To America (illegal immigration) and We Ride To DC (liberal bias in the media), said the radical Islamist sect, which is currently rampaging across swathes of Syria and Iraq beheading ethnic minorities, has gained access to the US via the Mexican border.

US politics is currently riven over the growing humanitarian crisis on the country's southern flank, with more than 60,000 refugees from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, many of them children, crossing into the US to escape violence in their homelands.

According to Lynch, members of the Islamic State have likely taken the same route across the Rio Grande.

"I would guarantee you, in fact I would bet my life on the fact - your last guest just said about ISIS coming into America - I would guarantee you, they're already here," said the auteur.

"I have worked in the desert and I have caught these people before and I've seen Qurans, prayer rugs, you name it. They're already here."

Unfortunately, the host quickly moved on without questioning Lynch as to why members of IS would venture to the US, why they would choose to cross a border under such close scrutiny, or even why they would invade through such a gun-heavy state as Texas. Next time…


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