A-Level Results Day 2014: Jumping Boys Holding Exam Results Really DO Exist

Nope, it's not a hoax or some clever photoshop trick. We really have tracked down the rare specimens that are jumping-boys-holding-A-level-results.

Since we've been covering this whole A-level malarky at HuffPost, we've been bombarded with pictures of jumping stereotypically pretty females. And to be honest, we're kinda a bit sick of it now. Guys do get A-level results too you know!

So, in honour of the male species, we've searched every corner of the world (well, Twitter), and rounded up pictures of the lesser seen male-clutches-A-level-results-while-pulling-excited-face.

It's been a long, hard, and often frustrating, hunt. But we've finally made it.

If you've seen one, we'd still love to add him to our wonderful collection. So drop us an email - - or tweet us @HPUKStudents.