03/09/2014 07:10 BST | Updated 03/09/2014 17:59 BST

Tony Blair Named Philanthropist Of The Year At GQ Awards: The Funniest Twitter Reactions

Tom Lehrer famously said that political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. We think the 2014 version of this might have just taken place...

Here was the former Prime Minister receiving his prize at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards on Tuesday night:

And as one tweeter put it:

Yes, if any appearance by Tony Blair is a red rag to a Twitter bull, then Tony Blair picking up a philanthropy award is a red rag to a Twitter bull that's calling bulls***.

The irony was not, of course, lost on people. Not even Gary Lineker:

While most tweeters were simply incredulous:

And it wasn't limited to these shores:

Blair's award led many to speculate about the evening's other potential recipients:

(Or, indeed, next year's winners.)

And also to speculate about GQ's motives:

But what was Blair's award for? There were theories...

Though some were unhappy that it was hiding the achievements of others:

But maybe it had all been a dream...

Or just a simple mistake?

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