Scottish Independence: 'Yes' Vote National Directive Campaigner Admits: 'If This Was About Alex Salmond, We Would Lose'

A tireless activist for the 'Yes' campaign in Scotland has admitted that if the vote were based on the appeal of Alex Salmond alone, they would lose.

Ross Colquhoun, the Director of one of the 'Yes' Campaign's most active groups, National Collective, said as much at the Royal Television Society conference this morning, during a discussion into the effect of social media and digital engagement on political campaigns.

Alex Salmond - "he's a divisive figure"

"One of the greatest challenges for our organisation and some of the other 'Yes groups was that if this debate was just about Alex Salmond, we would lose," he revealed.

"The reason I say that he is a talented leader, a talented guy, but he's really divisive , and if people were just voting on the basis of voting for the SNP, for Alex Salmond, we wouldn't be in the position we're in right now."

He quickly added of Scotland's First Minister, "He is an asset. I'm in no way saying he's not."

During the same session, John Curtice - Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde - asserted that the expected turnout for the referendum next week is expected to be around 90% of the Scots, a national turnout for a vote not seen since the 1950s, and one near the record-breaking Quebecois populace who voted for their own independence in 1995 (the 'No's had it that time).

Ross Colquhoun agreed with this, saying that, anecdotally, he had experienced even Scottish youngsters having conversations about the referendum and its implications for Scotland, in nightclubs, at 3am.

Alex Salmond has enjoyed a swing in momentum to the 'Yes' campaigners in Scotland

Gregor Poynton, the Associate Director of media consultancy Portland Communications was of the opinion that, despite the spread of social media and participation, it was still up to TV appearances, such as the televised debates between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, to land the knockout blow that could fell a campaign.

This debate comes on the same day as the news that PM David Cameron, his deputy Nick Clegg AND his chief opponent Ed Milliband will not be participating in PMQs tomorrow, as they will be travelling to Scotland to add his weight to the 'No' campaign.

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The vote for Scottish independence will take place next Thursday 18 September. A poll published this morning puts the 'Yes' and 'No campaigners neck and neck, following a dramatic apparent swing to the 'Yes' vote over the weekend.