Labour's Shadow Pensions Secretary Doesn't Know How Much The State Pension Is (VIDEO)

Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves has been caught out appearing not to know the value of the basic state pension.

Ms Reeves, who has oversight of Labour's pension policy, initially estimated that the basic state pension was "just under £100 a week".

After being informed that it is £113.10, she revised her answer to "around £100", adding that it depends on how much an individual person has contributed.

Rachel Reeves thought the state pension was a lot less than it actually is

In an interview on LBC Radio, Ms Reeves was asked how much pensioners receive weekly from the state.

She replied: "It's just under £100 a week, the basic state pension, of course."

Asked again if it was under £100, she initially replied yes, before answering a third time: "It's around £100 a week."

Later in exchanges, Ms Reeves repeatedly clarified her answer, saying the value of the basic state pension depends on how much a person has contributed to it.

She said: "It depends how many years you've contributed to a pension - if you are a poorer pensioner, you get those top-ups with pension credit, the minimum income guarantee if you like with a pensioner is around £130 or £140.

"It does depend on how many years you've contributed."