Donald Trump Actually Thinks 'Scotland Voted 'No' Because Of Wind Farms

Trump Actually Thinks 'Scotland Voted 'No' Because Of Wind Farms

American business mogul Donald Trump has claimed the people of Scotland "absolutely" voted against independence because of wind farms.

"A minor revolution is going on in Scotland because of these wind farms. If you have one near your house your house loses at least 50% of its value," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "A lot of people who vote against Salmond's energy policy theres no doubt about that."

Trump has had a controversial relationship both with Salmond, the people of Scotland and especially with wind farms since his purchase of the Menie estate in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire to build a hotel and two golf courses, widely opposed by environmentalists.

Donald Trump says wind farms put the kibosh on Scottish independence

Salmond initially supported the plan, even allowing Trump to build on the Site Of Special Scientific Interest, citing economic benefits.

Trump at the time claimed Salmond and his predecessor Jack McConnell gave him verbal assurances a wind farm would not be built off the coast of his resort. "They wanted my money," Trump said. "I was lured into buying the site, after I had spent my money they came and announced the plan. At the time I bought the land I felt confident the wind farm was not going to happen."

Trump even had adverts banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for comparing the wind farms to terrorism. His objection to the wind farm was dismissed in February 2014, a decision he plans to appeal.

Trump was also quizzed by presenter Evan Davis if he would run for president of the United States in 2016. "They all want me to and a lot of polls want me to," he said.

"Our country is not doing well and a lot of mistakes are made by people who are incompetent.

"There's always a possibility [of me running], there is a real possibility, absolutely, if I don't see the right person running because a change has to be made. If the country continues to do poorly, there is certainly a possibility."


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