Kim Jong Un Seen For First Time After Mysterious Six Week Disappearance

Kim Jong Un Is Back! And This Time He Has A New Prop...

North Korea's 'missing' leader Kim Jong Un has been sighted publicly for the first time in over a month, cooling speculation about his health and grip on the country.

Kim had not been sighted for 40 days, but can now be seen beaming in footage from Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea’s official news outlet.

The dictator was holding a walking stick as he “gave field guidance” at the newly-built Wisong Scientists Residential District in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

KNCA did not state when the visit was made, and Kim's prolonged absence from the public eye has still not been explained.

Kim is back in the limelight

Kim also visited the Natural Energy Institute at the State Academy of Sciences, according to the KNCA report.

The rumours about the leader reached a peak last week after the dictator apparently failed to attend a memorial event for his Workers' party's anniversary, which he has not missed for the past the three years.

His conspicuous absence followed claims by a North Korean official that that dictator "is no longer in control."

The former top counterintelligence official fueled speculation of a coup, saying that a powerful group of officials used to report only to Kim Jong Un's father Kim Jong-il has stopped taking orders from the new leader.


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