North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Is Super Nice

Ageing General Mulls Comedy Push

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un proved he is super nice over the weekend visiting a newly built baby home and orphanage in the country’s capital of Pyongyang.

The brightly coloured building, which has 250 rooms for nursing, education, physical exercise and treatment, is also super nice, replete with a wading pool, park and amusements for the children.

This impromptu set of pictures show super nice Kim touring the facility, speaking with great empathy to the staff. Kim even sat on the side of a ball pool, laughing with those around him.

The pictures, which just happened to be released by the state news agency, completely refute any suggestions by Western propaganda that Kim is psychopathic murderer and that the North Korean regime is responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses since the Second World War.

Rumours that Kim had a 12-piece Hello Kitty tea set assassinated following the visit are being strongly denied by government officials.

Kim Jong-Un Visits Orphanage


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