Pamela Geller, 'Anti-Muslim Hate Group' Leader Banned From UK, Holds Pro-Israel Rally In NY

Anti-Muslim Hate Group Leader Banned From UK Holds Pro-Israel Rally In New York

NEW YORK -- On Sunday the American Freedom Defence Initiative (AFDI), an organisation the Southern Poverty Law Centre has listed as an anti-Muslim hate group, held a demonstration in New York's Union Square in support of Israel and "minorities persecuted under Islamic rule".

The group's leader is Pamela Geller, an activist who in 2013 was banned from entering the UK by Home Secretary Theresa May. The government restricted Geller, along with author and blogger Robert Spencer, from entering the country as it was concluded their presence in the would not be "conducive to the public good". The pair had planned to attend a rally in Woolwich following the death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Here's Geller on Sunday...

...along with Robert Spencer.

There were around 150 people at the event.

Many had come with homemade placards.

"The media" took a bit of a kicking...

As did Obama...

...despite being the only Western leader to authorise air strikes against militants in Iraq.

This woman sought divine inspiration for her sign...

...and received it.

...whereas this chap just went to Home Depot.

While this entrepreneurial chap had a bag full of Israeli flags...

...which he was peddling for $10.

Then there was this piece of couture.

And this Panama hat.

"Flags, flags, flags, flags..."

Half of Chas and Dave turned up.

As did a man dressed as the late Bob Crow.

The rendition of Israel's national anthem was sensational.

But there were inevitable confrontations with passers-by...

...with one woman taking exception to all Muslims being branded terrorists.

"...Try and kill me, bitch."

Then there was this tense beard-off.

...while this chap looked on.

And finally a sale!


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