Proof That Cute Cats Can Banish All Of Your Daily Stresses

Yoga and meditation might help to bust your daily stresses, but there's something far better (and far cuter) that can beat the blues.

It begins with K and ends in N.

Yep, after a hard day of working your butt off, dealing with rude people or being stuck in a room full of screaming kids, all you need to unwind are a few kittens.

(As if we ever needed a reason...)

One woman, who clearly enjoyed her kitten-filled experience despite initially feeling stressed, exclaimed: "Being around young creatures just reminds you to take it easy."

And as if that isn't brilliant enough, there's scientific proof that this stuff works. According to Purina, just 15 to 30 minutes of quality time with a cat can calm your nerves and boost your mood.

This is because spending time with cats increases your production of serotonin, which helps to boost feelings of well-being. Meanwhile, your cortisol levels - responsible for stress and high blood pressure levels - will go down.

Basically, spending time with a cat can keep you healthier in the long run.

Now, can somebody kickstart kitten therapy in the UK please?

[H/T Jezebel]