Ferguson Protests Used By Russia To Take Revenge For Ukraine

Russia Uses Ferguson Protests To Take Revenge Over Ukraine

Irony is doing very well out of the Ferguson protests.

Russian media and politicians have used the disorder ravaging the St Louis suburb to take revenge on the American opposition and its interventions in Ukraine by slamming the country's record on human rights.

Violent protests erupted in the small Missouri town after white police officer Darren Wilson was told he would not face charges for shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in August.

There have been peaceful protests across the country against what they saw as racial injustice and police brutality.

One Russian academic gave a bizarre quote claiming that the US "recently went too far" in condemning Russia's annexation of Crimea and proxy war in eastern Ukraine against that country's government.

Russia sincerely hopes America can overcome problems like this

“Americans recently went too far with Ukraine, and the Maidan has come to the United States,” Russian news site Life News quoted Vladimir Vasiliev, a senior research fellow at Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute for US and Canadian Studies, as saying.

The "Maidan" is a reference to Kiev's Independence Square, where there were public protests against government corruption that sparked the fall of the government and the current crisis.

Konstantin Dolgov, a human rights envoy from the Russian Foreign Ministry, said he could "only hope" the US would deal with "racial discrimination, racial and ethnic tensions" which he said were major challenges to the American democracy, to stability and integrity of the American society".

He added: "We may only hope that US authorities seriously deal with those issues and other serious challenges in the human rights field in their own country and stop what they have been doing all along recently - playing an aggressive mentor lecturing other countries about how to meet human rights standards."

Some of the events in Russia that the country has been aggressively lectured on in the past includes the imprisonment of members of the band Pussy Riot, the suspicious killings of journalists hostile to the Kremlin and the alleged "disappearing" of Chechnen civilians during the war there.

China, another rival of America's that has a lot going in its critics could "aggressively lecture it about", took a much more measured tone.

When asked about Ferguson, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying she said neither the US nor China was perfect on human rights. "We can learn from each other in this area," she said.

On Twitter, well-known jihadis used the grand jury's decision in recruitment efforts, saying it was the result of America's racism and that jihad and revolution would be fitting responses, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

The group, which analyses international terrorists' messages, quoted a tweet by a prominent Dutch jihadi in Syria as saying: "March against tyranny and arm yourselves against the true terrorists of our time: The US Government. #FergusonDecision."


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