Black Friday Vines Will Make You Hate Humanity

Black Friday is not just the perfect opportunity to pick up half-priced kettle, you are also given opportunity to witness what life would be like in the UK during a zombie apocalypse.

Here, we can see the season of goodwill at its soul-destroying worst - and commercialism at its shameful best.

1.) Here we see the age-old British tradition of queuing politely unceremoniously trampled on

2.) Have you ever wanted a discount TV so bad you rode it like a surfboard?

3.) Or threatened fisticuffs in an Asda car park?


5.) Innocent electronic appliances were thrown like beach balls in the carnage

6.) On this day, spare a thought and tip your hat for those poor, brave souls working in retail

7.) And these Asda cheerleaders and their remaining fragments of dignity

8.) At least the media was enjoying the chaos

9.) Except this Guardian journalist who got told off by a security guard

10.) The end is truly nigh...

11.) While our friends over in America were behaving no better

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