Ghost Charges At Car In Terrifying Mobile Phone Footage

Genuinely unsettling footage of a white-clad figure shambling towards a car has emerged.

The three-minute clip was posted to YouTube on Thursday and purports to shows the view from inside a car idling on a deserted road between Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire.

A hunched, ghostly figure is seen shambling along the road in the beam of the car’s headlights while the vehicle occupants debate what they are seeing.

The figure at one point appears to lurch quickly towards the car

Clutching a walking stick, with its face obscured by long dark hair, the figure suddenly speeds up, prompting the panicked cameraman to urge his friend to reverse away from it.

The spectre – reminiscent of Sadako from horror film The Ring – then suddenly veers off and stands motionless at the side of the road.

The spectre is somewhat reminiscent of Sadako of The Ring

The car edges closer to have a look and the figure darts towards the vehicle again, prompting screaming and shrieks to “move the car backwards”.

As well as The Ring, the clip's amateur style bears hallmarks similar to those of horror smash Blair Witch Project too.

Whether it's an angry old dear startled on a nighttime walk, a joker in a nightie and a wig or definitive proof Sadako is real, it's definitely one of the better efforts we've seen.

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