Russell Brand Calls Nigel Farage And Fox News' Sean Hannity 'Super-Idiot Conglomerate'

Russell Brand has described Nigel Farage and Fox News' Sean Hannity as a "super-idiot conglomerate" after they discussed how "sharia law" was taking hold in Muslim "ghettos" in Britain.

Brand, who had a feud with Hannity last year over the content of the latter's broadcasts and whether he looked like a Ken doll, called the pair "a supergroup of idiots" on his daily video blog The Trews.

In his response entitled 'Is Fox News A No Go Zone?' Brand described Farage as "gin-blossomed", comparing him to the cowardly lion from 'The Wizard Of Oz', and called Hannity "whining".

"We did two Trews yesterday to keep up with Fox News' vile output but today the unthinkable has happened, Fox News and Nigel Farage have come together in some sort of super-idiot conglomerate that could drag down the sum total of human intelligence to a new low," he said.

"I hate this collaboration. It's like a supergroup of idiots. Together at last, whining, nasal Hannity and gin-blossomed cowardly lion Farage.

"Jittery, nervous people posing as fearless. People with no ideas, so selective about information - you've got to take in all the information to reach proper conclusions."

Brand in full swing

Brand said: "Aren't ghettos everywhere and aren't they normally because of economic conditions? I don't reckon many rich, Muslim people say 'right, I'm gonna give up me fancy mansion and move into the ghetto'."

He added: "People live with in enclosed communities with people of a similar background and ideology out of necessity and desperation.

"Create a fluid society where the same opportunities are open to everyone and people will just live wherever they're led to economically. That's as a result of an unfair society, not out of a choice."

He added that Farage's vision of Britain was like Trumpton - the fictional village used by the Twitter account "Trumpton Ukip" to mock the party.

Brand said: "If you want is fairness, that's a two-way dynamic. (Farage's) not asking for that. What Nigel Farage is asking for is a bizarre hegemony and a return to a place we've never been that is most like Trumpton.

"Farage wants to live there and I want him to actually."