15/01/2015 09:11 GMT | Updated 15/01/2015 10:59 GMT

Channel 4 Angry, White And Proud Far-Right Documentary Accused Of 'Glamourising Racism'

Channel 4 has been accused of glamourising racism with its programme Angry, White And Proud, a controversial documentary on far-right groups in Britain.

The programme looked at splinter groups that have sprung up following the weakening of the English Defence League.

The show provoked anger and disbelief on Twitter - towards the far-right supporters who featured on the programme and were called "stupid" and "racist", but also toward Channel 4 itself for showing a documentary that appeared to gave racist views a platform and stir up tension in society.

The documentary showed scenes of "strong racist views" and outraged many viewers

The one-hour film showed the leaders and supporters of groups such as the South East Alliance and the South London Infidels – who openly revealed their Islamophobia on camera.


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The broadcaster warned that the programme would contain "very strong language and strong racist views that will offend some viewers". It recommended the show for over 18 viewers only.

Channel 4 said in response: "This observational documentary is a true reflection of the film-makers’ experience which does not condone or glamorise violence or the opinions expressed by the far-right groups - but holds them up for scrutiny and examination.

"The director clearly challenges the views of those interviewed and the film raises legitimate and timely questions about national and international political, religious and ideological clashes."

Britain's far right parties have suffered a "dreadful" year as their supporters drift towards Ukip, according to a report from anti-fascist group HOPE Not Hate.

It found that the apparent increase in the number of far-right groups like Britain First, British Voice, British Unity and the British Democratic Party is reflective of weak organisations which are splitting into ever smaller pieces.

The British National Party and English Defense League are thought to be in decline, as well as Britain First known for its Islamaphobic views.

Britain First posted a bizarre Facebook update about US President Barack Obama not attending the Charlie Hebdo support march in Paris last week, "BECAUSE HE IS A MUSLIM", despite rumours about the leader following Islam being repeatedly revealed as false.

Unseen footage of EDL violence was posted to YouTube this week, revealing scenes which led to 50 rioters being jailed for 75 years. The video shows a rally in Birmingham and was shown in Birmingham Crown Court in evidence against a rioter of the same name.