Britain First's Blackburn Christian Patrol Showed Just How Pointless They Really Are

Britain First's so called 'Christian Patrols' have hit Blackburn.

Well, two men from the far-right, pseudo-militia group posted some leaflets through some letter boxes on deserted streets under the cover of darkness. Three if you include the cameraman.

Solid turnout lads.

The self-declared vigilante organisation filmed their numerically limited troupe in what they called "Muslim-occupied" Blackburn.

Steve Criscole, who carries the utterly meaningless title of 'Commanding Officer - North West, appears to be leading the trio.

He says: "We've been walking up and down a predominately Muslim area. Obviously as we've been handing out leaflets we've been getting some funny looks and we've even had someone trying to video us through a car window.

Most of the video is too poor quality to actually recognise the proud 'patriots'

"At the moment everything seems to be quiet and there aren't any problems which is good so we'll just keep on walking."

Undeterred by the fact the streets are calm, peaceful and distinctly lacking in Islamic roadblocks, gangs or any other clues that would indicate a "Muslim-occupancy", they carry on.

Criscole adds: "Hopefully they're all tucked up in bed."

Ah, the 12-hour days of an occupying force, that'll be it.

Undeterred, they move around to "one of the areas that is predominantly Muslim".

Criscole says: "What we're doing is driving around slowly to see if anybody is walking the streets, keeping an eye on the streets and it doesn't appear there are.

"So that's a bonus, I suppose. No result is actually a result for a change."

Sure Steve, sure.

The video then ends with some headlines from Tuesday announcing the resumption of their patrols, although it cut shorts of showing any of the negative reaction which makes up the main body of the articles.

The latest plea for attention comes shortly after their leader, Paul Golding, and deputy, Jayda Fransen, took issue with London's Brick Lane, again, calling it "Muslim-occupied".

A contingent of the continuously misinformed Britain First descended upon the area in their characteristic armoured Land Rover more commonly seen on the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Once out of the van, Fransen explained why they are there handing out leaflets stating: "Muslim patrols are operating in this area confiscating alcohol and harassing women."

She said: "This is in response to the Muslim patrols that have been carried out in this area and we just want to be sure our people are safe on the streets."

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