Britain First's App Withdrawn By Apple Disappointing Patriots Everywhere

Bad news patriots, the Britain First app is no more!

Apple's decision to withdraw the app due to "spurious political grounds" is evidently an attack on free speech "unless you're a socialist, Muslim or liberal".

(Actually, the app has been removed for violating App Store Review Guideline 19.1 which states that: "Apps containing references or commentary about a religious, cultural or ethnic group that are defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or likely to expose the targeted group to harm or violence will be rejected.")

No longer can you receive updates on how their seven activists in the South-East of England are shaking up the political landscape with their funky banner and carefully cropped photos.

And who will spread total mistruths about the way in which the asylum seekers claim benefits?

And will someone PLEASE think of the lollipop men and women!!!

Crucially, how will we become aware of when they reach their target of £15,500 to fight the Britain First election campaign in the "heart of the Muslim 'ghettoes'?".

God forbid we forget Obama is actually a secret Muslim...

But most of all we'll miss the reviews...

Impressed that Chimps can develop an app.

Though we live in a democracy and must accept that morons like Golding and his primate gang of uneducated, benefit scrounging, council estate chimps are entitled to their opinion, doesn't mean we have to agree with it. Having looked through the app, it's poorly constructed and full of racist tosh. I only downloaded it to place this negative review. I will have deleted it by the time you read this. Will be reporting it to Apple for containing hate speech. Would give zero stars if that were possible.

Amazing Oh my deyyyyyzzz. dis ap is amezing. B4 I got it tere were lodz of muslams in ma road and dey like had muslamic ray guns everywhere. But dey r all gone now and sows my unwashed library leftie neihbour. I can fell de British blud running threw me. I luv ma queen and fello Brits so much more alredy. Ma mam always sad I woildnt amont to nuffink well dis ap shows her. I am a beer swigging nazi loving patriotic thug. I fink it's evan improved ma spelling

Useless app, vile racist content

Goodness me what a vile app and a vile bunch of people. Britain First are obviously just racists. The app is just full of lies and hate, and then it keeps trying to get you to donate or buy horrible rubbish from the patriot store. The whole thing is inciting violence and hatred and trying to scam you out of money. Utterly, Utterly VILE VILE VILE! Shame on Apple for allowing this racist neo-Nazi filth on their app store.

The best app for racists there is! As soon as I downloaded this app I noticed an immediate Increase to my patriotism. On top of that, a number of the brown people in my street went back where they came from. I used it on a person wearing a burqa, and boom, they were immediately in a tracksuit and baseball cap, like they should be. Great App, but can it be whiter?

Fascist scum! You can't censor these comments! A group of sly Nazi conmen using war memorials and hijacking the poppy appeal to further their fascist agenda. No pasaran! Does the app come with a pitchfork and dragging knuckles?

Great app you guys!

I mean, this way all your gazillion followers (that's what you claim to have now, right?) can immediately show their friends and family how much of a racist, thick bigot they are without even speaking (or grunting!)

Best app for Nazis

Wow was wondering where I could find an app to connect with other like-minded knuckle dragging bigots. The ability to purchase mock patriotic tat and line the pockets of racists is a lovely touch too.