'Strictly Come Dancing' Judge Bruno Tonioli Tells Professional Dancers To 'F*** Off' They Want More Money

Strictly Come Dancing’ judge Bruno Tonioli has told the show’s professional dancers to “f*** off” if they’re unhappy with their pay packets.


In the past, dancers like Ola Jordan have complained that the money they earned from ‘Strictly’ wasn’t as much as they might like, but Bruno has insisted that they won’t get any more money if they shoot their mouths off publicly.

Bruno Tonioli gives his best "girl, please" look

Last year, Ola publicly hit out at ‘Strictly’, claiming that its judges “make a fortune” for sitting down “one day a week”, while earning “a lot more than the dancers”.

Ola Jordan

Last year, Ola was involved in a serious accident while training for ‘The Jump’, sustaining a serious knee injury that forced her to pull out of the competition.

Bruno admitted he didn’t know why she’d ever agreed to appear on the show when it was so dangerous, saying: “If you are a dancer, the last thing you would do, is something that could jeopardise your legs. I don’t understand it.”

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