Bruno Tonioli

Dancing With The Stars honoured the former ballroom judge with an emotional routine, following his death earlier this year.
Simon Cowell described the unique moment as “magical”, as the ITV talent show returned on Saturday night.
"It is people with too much time on their hands," the long-standing judge said of Ofcom complaints about her wardrobe.
The former Strictly Come Dancing judge will appear in David's old seat on the panel when the ITV talent show returns at the weekend.
Bruno Tonioli is the newest addition to the BGT team, taking over the spot previously occupied by David Walliams.
Before Bruno Tonioli was announced as David Walliams' replacement, it was widely rumoured that Alan was in the running for it.
"He’s already broken every rule," the long-serving Britain's Got Talent judge revealed.
Britain's Got Talent unveiled a new member of the panel on the first day of auditions this week.
Bruno Tonioli has officially joined the panel, replacing David Walliams as a BGT judge.