Samsung Galaxy S6: First Image Reveals Curved Display

This Is The Samsung Galaxy S6

The first official image of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has appeared online courtesy of US network T-Mobile - and it shows what appears to be a curved display.

T-Mobile's John Legere tweeted out a link to the page confirming that his network would be carrying Samsung's next flagship smartphone. Of course nobody expected the link to reveal anything more than simply a registration page.

Thanks to a number of leaks we can already get a pretty accurate picture of how Samsung's new phone is going to shape up to the likes of Apple's iPhone 6.

It'll be the company's most powerful smartphone yet, and will come with an 'advanced' camera as well as some major improvements to battery life including the addition of wireless charging.

While the image leaves little to the imagination, it's hard to picture this happening without Samsung's approval, especially when you consider the huge number of S6-based hints the company has been dropping over the last few weeks.

With Samsung's profits starting to show the strain of its smartphone business, the company has become under increasing pressure to produce a flagship smartphone that can once again compete with Apple's dominance through the iPhone 6.


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