How To Relieve Stress: Try This Fail-Safe Yoga Routine

When you're stressed out and wound up, yoga can help you to unwind - both physically and mentally.

This flowing routine is suitable for everyone from yoga virgins to experienced yogis and the moves will do you more good than punching a pillow or screaming into a cushion (although if, after the day you've had, you'd like to do either of these things before we kick off - then go right ahead).

So stop what you're doing, turn off your phone, grab a mat and a cushion, bolster or a block and you're ready to begin.

The Routine

Start in a comfortable seated position. Arrange your legs however is comfortable for you - crossed legged or one foot in front of the other.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths, gathering up all your worries as you inhale and letting them go as you breathe out.

Let your shoulders drop down and relax your face.

The instructor in the video will then teach you a breathing technique called 'Alternate nostril breathing' which she admits 'looks a little funky', but bear with it, it is very easy and will really help you to relax. It's also a good 30 second exercise you can do during the day when you feel your stress levels mounting.

Next, you will be taken through various yoga positions from the child's pose to the mountain pose and when you are feeling nice and supple she will instruct you to flutter out your lips - that's right flutter them out so you make a 'brrr' sound - as well as relaxing your facial muscles, this may also make you have a little chuckle to yourself - and when it comes to stress laughter is definitely the best medicine!

But in all seriousness, after 15 minutes of stretching you'll feel like you haven't got a care in the world, ready for a good night's sleep, or prepared to face your next challenge.