Budget UK 2015 Welfare Remarks Were An Open Goal For Katie Hopkins To Attack 'Lazy Dole-Wasting B*stards'


Backbench MPs are not the only ones who were driven into a frenzy by the minute detail of financial policy being read out by a man in a suit today.

Katie Hopkins was so excited by George Osborne's budget and his revelation that cuts to welfare saving would add up to £21 billion a year, that she tweeted "take that you lazy dole-wasting bastards!"

She placed a "*" in the word "bastards" to protect those of her followers who are easily offended by crass words and statements (but follow Hopkins anyway).

So, if you found the budget boring, let Hopkins show you the passion that is possible when you engage in politics.

It's not the first time her passion for current affairs has shone through.

She had more thoughts on the budget, which were rude about PHD students, scientists and people who hear the word 'wank' when someone says 'tank'.

It remains to be seen whether Hopkins will be called on to read her tweets out load on 24-hour news channels to fill up the hours they will devote to commentary on the budget.

An end to austerity! Eventually.

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