Russian Hackers Breached The White House Say U.S. Officials

Russian hackers were able to break the White House's online security firewalls and gain access to unclassified but sensitive information about President Obama's schedule, according to a report by CNN.

The new information refers to a number of hacks which took place in 2014 where the then unidentified hackers were able to gain access to unclassified but still sensitive information that wouldn't have been in the public domain.

CNN cites U.S. officials saying that the US has since been able to trace the attacks back to Russia.

The White House has since called the report 'speculating' and said it would not comment on the claims that the hackers were Russian.

Speaking to CNN White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes confirmed that while unclassified networks had been accessed, the White House's classified networks had remained secure.

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