Katie Hopkins Election Poster Nails How Everyone Is Feeling About Her Sun Article On Migrants

This Election Poster Nails How The World Feels About Katie Hopkins Right Now

Less than 24 hours after this controversial Katie Hopkins' article appeared in The Sun...

Katie Hopkins writing in Friday's Sun

This election posted appeared on the streets of Cambridgeshire...

As the UK's top Twitter trend on Saturday, the level of fury about her column showed no signs of dying down.

Headlined 'Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants' the comment piece includes lines such as:

NO, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad.

I still don’t care.


Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches. They might look a bit “Bob Geldof’s Ethiopia circa 1984”, but they are built to survive a nuclear bomb. They are survivors.

And finally:

It’s time to get Australian. Bring on the gunships, force migrants back to their shores and burn the boats.

The list of people either unfollowing, attacking or just being generally outraged is truly impressive, even by Hopkins' high standards.

So far, they include Piers Morgan, Russell Brand, Matt Lucas and lots of people from The Guardian, none of whom seem to agree on whether they should actually be giving her attention, or not.

Not content with letting the Twitteratti slug it out, 'the people' have also launched into action, setting off a petition calling on The Sun to fire Hopkins.

Writing for The Huffington Post UK earlier this week as part of the Beyond The Ballot series, Hopkins defended her right to speak freely on Twitter without being reported to the police.

Life is not a beauty pageant and you cannot demand the beauty pageant answer. I don't want to save the world or negotiate world peace. And I look crap in swim wear. Deal with it.

I just want to continue to have my basic human right to say what I think on Twitter.

If you disagree and your best comeback is that you are going to rape me with a machete - then that is indicative of your lack of intelligence.

But be reassured. I won't be reporting you to the police. I am holding on to the belief they have better things to do. I suspect you still live at home with your mum and floss your teeth with your toe nails.

If you can't handle the debate, stay away from Twitter. If you want to scream "Reported!", be sure to copy @metpoliceuk. You never know, it might make you feel powerful.

No word yet on any official action against The Sun over the piece, but perhaps it's worth remembering it took a lot less reaction for her to be fired from this newspaper job:

But as always, Katie was keen to have the last word:


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