Japan's Maglev Train Breaks Its Own World Speed Record

Japan's brilliant Maglev train has beaten its own world speed record in less than a week.

The utterly insane feat saw it hit 603km/h (374mph) in a test run near Mount Fuji.

The Maglev train passing crossing railway bridge

How can the train reach such a speed? Well it'll travel on wheels up until around 160kph and then high-powered electromagnets are engaged, physically lifting the train away from the track. By removing the friction the wheels create, the train is able to travel at enormous speeds.

Sadly if you're hoping that every journey will be as fast then that simply won't be the case. The company says these test runs are simply to test the train to its extreme limits.

When it finally enters service in 2027, the train will only travel at a positively snail-paced 505kph.

The total construction costs for the project is estimated at £67 billion.