Twitter Celebrates Its Annual Ed Balls Day In Style

We Round Up The Funniest #EdBallsDay Tweets

Can it really be four years since THAT tweet?

You know, THAT one.

Oh, alright then...

Yes, #EdBallsDay - which commemorates the day when the Shadow Chancellor tweeted his own name - may seem to come around quicker each year.

But the annual celebrations on Twitter show no sign of abating (despite the inevitable backlash). In fact, they even started last night - aka 'Ed Balls Eve':

The excitement was building:

And of course, Australia got in there first:

But then it all kicked off over here! Hurrah!

Of course, it wasn't long before people were lamenting how #EdBallsDay isn't as good as it used to be:

And when it comes to commercialism, they're not wrong. Plenty of companies were getting in on the act this year:

With some celebrating in the time-honoured, Ed Balls fashion:

So will Ed join in, as he did last year?

Will his wife Yvette Cooper, as she did the year before that?

Who can tell. We are in an election year, after all - anything could happen. Ed could become Poldark:

Or worse, another man could take over the whole thing:

Happy Ed Balls Day, everyone!

UPDATE: Ed Balls has responded to Ed Balls Day. By saying 'Ed Balls'. Thank you, Sky News (and Ed Balls):


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