Labour MP David Lammy Mistaken For Sierra Leone Politician By Local Newspaper In Electorate He's Won Three Times

He's won the Tottenham seat for three consecutive terms, but that doesn't mean Labour MP David Lammy is well known to his local newspaper.

Lammy, who won 28,654 votes to secure the seat over Conservative candidate Stefani Mrozinski in the General Election - the biggest majority for a Tottenham MP in 25 years - was seemingly mistaken Monday for a politician located some 3,000 miles away.

The Tottenham & Wood Green Independent used a picture of Sierra Leone politician Julius Maada Bio to illustrate a story about how Lammy was considering contesting the Labour leadership.

The Tottenham & Wood Green Independent story where a picture of a Sierra Leone's Julius Maada Bio was used to illustrate a story about Labour MP David Lammy

The paper replaced the picture when the story was updated to say Lammy wasn't going to stand, but not before the photo mix-up made its way across social media in a flutter of clicks and chuckles.

While confirming he wouldn't stand for Labour leader after Ed Miliband resigned, Lammy did say on Monday that he intended to run as the party's mayoral candidate.

Lammy won the Tottenham seat by the biggest majority in 25 years, securing the seat for his third time

Over the weekend Lammy had said that he would "have a go" if his party asked him to stand as leader.

Julius Maada Bio was the military head of state in Sierra Leone for three months in 1996 under the National Provisional Ruling Party, and is now an active member of the Sierra Leone People's Party.

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David Lammy and Julius Maada Bio