david lammy

Sharon Graham accused David Lammy of launching a "direct attack" on British Airways workers.
“This is not a moment for posturing and standing on picket lines,” the shadow foreign secretary said.
David Lammy: “We want to win outright and we will be fighting for every single vote in every single constituency."
A Twitter user commented on a photo of David Lammy on the Tube, saying: "4.20 to Rwanda hopefully."
The shadow foreign secretary accused the former Labour party leader of "parroting the lines coming from Vladimir Putin".
Tory MPs lead criticism as Labour leader rushed into police car to be saved from protesters. But Johnson resists apology for Jimmy Savile smear.
The news that 27 people died while trying to cross the Channel on Wednesday has rocked the UK.
David Lammy was differentiating between the prime minister's U-turns and the Labour leader's flip-flopping.
"You are deliberately asking me about an issue which you know does not come up on the doorstep!"
"Grant, you can stare at your notes as much as you like, you're not going to find the answers."