david lammy

He said the party needed someone who could unite different perspectives within the party.
Charlie Brooker took advantage of the situation to declare war on “Eastasia”.
Defector from Labour tells HuffPost UK that supporting the former Conservative cabinet minister would open Lib Dems up to attacks from his old party.
MP, whose friend Khadija Saye was among the victims, says Cotton must “take ultimately responsibility” for brigade's failures as PM backs national guidelines on tower block evacuations.
A photograph of Desmond Swayne in blackface has surfaced days after he described the racist costume as "a bit of fun".
Labour MP David Lammy said Robinson “is not a journalist” but “he is a dangerous bigoted thug”.
"Ann Widdecombe has not only embarrassed herself, but she has embarrassed the nation she represents."
"All you lefties can still call me racist if it gets you off."
Editor Ben de Pear said the broadcaster had been unaware of the ban until last Thursday.
David Lammy and 86 other MPs are calling for a probe into ‘race discrimination’.